When I first heard the word Blockchain in November 2016 my initial reaction was ‘...oh no, here we go again with another amazing new technology that is going to solve the world’s problems...but fail to do so…’.  But I was at a seminar,  I pushed back those sceptical tendencies and opened my mind.

The seminar totally hooked me, I went home and spent the next 4 months reading everything I could find and listening to hundreds of video clips and podcasts. I read books and I met new friends with deeper understandings of all things relating to blockchain, crypto currencies, economics and politics. They are all linked and it is fascinating to learn, day by day, as this technology develops and helps us move towards solving some of the planet’s biggest problems.

I call the blog Blockchain Legal because, like the law, (I believe) blockchain technology will eventually have an effect on every aspect of society. As the rule of law provides a common rule set for the way a society functions, blockchain technology provides a way for individuals and institutions to deal directly with each other in an efficient, secure and transparent way.

The idea of this blog is to focus on stories and developments that meet at the intersection of law, commerce and blockchain technology. While I try to be disciplined and stick to this scope, I do from time to time chase the rabbit and end up down an altogether different but fascinating hole. 

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I do curating it.

Ian Love


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