14 Jun 2019

In this our second week of free talks we covered Cryptoassets and Tokenisation.

The slides and links I used for the talk are set out here.

Next week (Monday) we cover Decentralised Governance.

7 Jun 2019

We had a great turnout earlier this week for the first of our 3 free talks on the above topic.  We started with the history of money and of course Rai Stones (yes the photo is of me wearing a Ethereum Hodl tee with a Rai stone at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in...

30 May 2019

This week the very first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) issued in the F1 DeltaTime game was sold for circa USD 113,000. This is a big deal.

Let me unpack this for you. 

PART 1 - What is a Non-Fungible Token?

1.      A NFT is a token of which there is only one. Each NFT is uniqu...

24 May 2019

I had hoped by now, after more than two years of writing this blog, that we would have more regulatory certainty around this new asset class known as cryptoassets.  Alas not, quite the reverse in fact. This excellent research piece by Circle (owned by Goldman Sach...

17 Apr 2019

When I started this blog in 2016 I called it Blockchain Legal because I was interested in exploring the intersection of commerce, law and blockchain technology.  I wanted to get my head around how they would intersect and what opportunities that may present.


12 Apr 2019

This article by the Alex Gladstein, The Chief Strategy Officer for the Human Rights Foundation, is one of the best I have read regarding Human Rights and Bitcoin.

There are so many good quotes in the article but the one I can see myself using a lot is '..decentralized m...

19 Mar 2019

I feel that we are only now just starting to understand the significant impact the evolution of the internet has had on our privacy and by association our freedom.  Also consider how it can be used by State actors to extend their soft power, refer to the UK Parliamenta...

12 Feb 2019

In January 2019, the Australian Treasury Department issued a review paper into Initial Coin Offerings. The paper provides a good overview of the state of play with blockchain technology and some of the issues facing operators and regulators.  A copy of the paper can be...

11 Feb 2019

The MakerDAO project is ‘…the oldest and most ambitious project on the ethereum network…’, imo it is also one of the most interesting.

At present the project does three things: it is a decentralised cryptoasset backed lending platform; it provides a ‘stable coin’ (calle...

30 Jan 2019

On the one hand we have the Winklevoss twins promoting their business on the basis that it is US regulated and that the ‘Revolution Needs Rules’. On the other we have a legal battle commencing between the US SEC and  Kik Interactive Inc. and the Kin Ecosystem Foundatio...

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