The Crypto Show - BTC Transaction Time and Price

Bitcoin is the largest social experiment going on in the world today. It’s ambition is nothing less than the creation of a globally used digital currency which is not controlled by Governments. If the period of the experiment is the time when the last bitcoin is mined (expected to be the year 2140) then we are not even 7% of the way through the time. Of course, it may all fail, or succeed, well before that time!

One of the best ways of keeping up to date with progress is to listen to The Crypto Show radio station. It’s a bit quirky and each show is about 90 mins, but their guests include the who’s who of the bitcoin/crypto space.

This episode is an excellent discussion of the scaling issues that bitcoin is facing at the moment. It is not overly technical but has sufficient depth to give listeners a good understanding of the issues, the solutions being considered and the process (loosely called) by which those decisions will be made.

You can listen to the episode here.

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