Consensus 2017

The Consensus 2017 conference was fantastic and I am already planing to go next year. There were over 2700 people from all over the world and I estimate that on average 80% of the people there (including myself) had less than 12 month knowledge/experience in blockchain.

Every profession was represented, I met medical doctors (more than one) who had given up their medical practices to work full time on a blockchain project. We had senior people from US Treasury and the FBI there, the Royal Mint did a great presentation about their gold backed token called (imaginatively 'Royal Mint Gold' RMG! etc etc

Every presentation I attended did my head in, the ones on privacy were fascinating and the good news is we will be getting control back over our privacy. The applications for blockchains in the developing economies were also a favourite theme of mine.

All events were recorded. As they get posted I will pick the best ones and load them up to this blog so watch this space.

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