State of the Blockchain - 2017

The first presentation at Consensus was delivered by Coindesk Senior Researcher Alex Sunnarborg. Alex has made his excellent presentation available and I attach it here for reference. There is a lot in it but one thing to pull out is slide on the market cap of cryptocurrencies. It shows the total value to be USD 15b in Q4 2016 and USD 17b in Q1 2017. Today, just weeks later the total market cap is over USD 100b. We are not just at the birth of a new industry or a new type of asset, we are experiencing the birth of a whole new economic, social and political ecosystem. I am absolutely confident that we will look back at 2017 in 10 years time and recognise it to be the year that blockchain started to get some serious momentum outside the geek space that it had hitherto occupied.

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