Is the Flippening Happening?

A few posts back I wrote about the flippening event, which refers to the situation where Ether become more valuable that Bitcoin.

There are few telling signs of when this has happened, the most obvious is when the market cap of ETH exceeds that of BTC, which according to this graph is not very far away at all.

This in itself would be a major event, but not the only one. The next other thing that may happen is ETH becomes the base currency upon which others are measured (the USD of crypto world if you like).

The third indicator that the flippening is happening is when the rusted on BTC believers start to bail out of BTC and into ETH. I actually hope that this does not happen...and I don't think it will. Even though BTC has a significant scaling issue right now, I believe a solution will materialise and that it has a long term future, even if it does loose some of its gloss to ETH and others that will inevitably emerge.

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