The Bitcoin community has just had its half-time locker room speech...and it’s a ripper!

Early this afternoon I received a twitter feed advising that The Future of Bitcoin conference was streaming live from the Netherlands. The recording is here. The talk by "Bitcoin Dundee" (Dr Craig Wright) at the 2.24 mark is a must watch, I think historical and it has me believing that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. At the 3.27 mark he is asked about Ethereum (his short answer...I am Bitcoin maximalist) and at 3.30 he answers the question why did he choose a Japanese name for his pseudonym. His passion is clear, his vision is clear and his knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol is extreme in its detail. All eyes are now on the go-live of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 148 which is due on 1 August. Very interesting time ahead.

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