Blockchain Legal meets Vitalik Buterin!

I felt like a teenage groupy when I spotted Vitalik and friends at Starbucks in Singapore last week. I was there with a friend to listen to Vitalik’s talk at the Singapore Ethereum Meet-Up later that day.

I did not know it at the time but Vitalik and the crew from OmiseGO (who were with him) had just come from meetings with the Central Bank of Thailand where they discussed the future of the Thai economy and its finance sector.

Not wanting to spring myself uninvited into the Starbucks meeting I limited myself to inviting Vitalik to Perth on behalf of the Ethereum Meet-Up group...and to taking a cheeky photo. There were a thousand things I would have liked to have asked him and at the seminar I did get one question in, which was ‘what is the difference between Plasma and Polkadot?’.

Look out for my blog post on the answer to this one this later.

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