Devcon3 - Debrief #2 - Sharding

One of the most significant barriers to mass adoption at the moment is the scalability of blockchains. Visacard transacts many thousands of transactions per second (TPS) and is often cited as the yardstick that needs to be achieved before mass adoption is a possibility.

The Sharding project is one of Ethereum’s solutions to achieve on-chain scalability. The objective is to be able to process thousands of TPS using nodes that can be run on consumer quality laptops. In this video Vitalik Buterin (17 November 2017) spends 30 mins outlining how the Sharding project will achieve this objective.

It is very refreshing to hear experts outlining the complexity of these challenges and admitting that they do not yet have all the answers. The new world of the blockchain economy is being built ‘as we speak’. For me, watching this world being developed is fascinating and I cannot help but think history is being made.

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