The Blockchain Wars - The Intergenerational Fight for Freedom and Liberty

Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am hugely positive about the potential for blockchain technology to help us solve some of humanities biggest problems. But it is important to not be naive.

For those who believe in maximising individual freedom and liberty, it is, I my opinion, very important to understand both the positive and negative aspects of this technology.

In this thought provoking article I foreshadow a period of time where conflicting philosophies will battle it out over how the technology should be used. On the one hand we have those who will want the technology to be centralised, controlled and regulated (in the interest of national security) and on the other those that will want it decentralised, open and transparent (in the interest of promoting individual freedom and liberty).

As an optimist my strong conviction is that at the end of the Blockchain Wars, this wonderful new technology will reach its potential and that the world will be a better place for it having done so. I hold this conviction because it has been demonstrated time after time that no matter the barriers, good technology, human ingenuity and freedom wins out in the long term.

I hope you enjoy the article.

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