Bitcoin Girl Wows Perth (well she is from Perth….)

It was my pleasure this week to turn the tables on Naomi Brockwell (aka Bitcoin Girl) and interview her at the Perth Bitcoin/Ethereum Meet-up...I am a huge fan of this most accomplished and interesting individual. Her CV is eclectic to say the least, yet it fits together like the most wonderful kaleidoscope, the way she has been able to take her talent and apply it to so many different yet somehow related areas is inspirational.

How many people do you know have played a lead role in a Broadway show, are multilingual, are a political thought leader, an economist, a multimedia producer, a multi-instrumentalist, a dancer, an expert on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and all round whirlwind of positive energy...

There is only one Bitcoin Girl and I am proud she is from Perth and proud to call her my friend…check her out here.

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