Drinking from a fire hose...and how to do it...

Keeping up-to-date with happenings in the crypto world is like trying to drink from a firehose. I spend around 4 hours everyday reading, reviewing and yes sometimes unproductively watching the crypto markets. In this post I set out some of my primary sources of information for those of you who would like to do the same.

Twitter is my first go-to place when I want to know the latest, my handle is is here if you want to follow those that I follow.

Reddit is my second got-to place....there are sub-reddits for all projects and cryptos. Also Steem (dapp disrupter to Reddit).

A good app for headlines and market movement is BCNews. A good site is cryptopanic.

I watch blockchain statistics on bitinfocharts, I watch the markets on coinmarketcap and cryptowat and I watch the development of Dapps on Dappboard and the Dapp store...and I follow specific project on Telegram

My must listen podcasts are Unchained, Unconfirmed, Multicoin Capital, Flippening, The Third Web, Zero Knowledge and the wacky Crypto Show.

For longer reads I follow a lot of crypto people who used Medium.

Youtube I watch quite a bit but I don't follow people it so much.

This is really just the start, there are a lot more resources, but if I was just to follow one it would be twitter.

Let me know if you have one I have missed.

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