If Karl Marx married Ayn Rand would their (political) offspring be a ‘Liberal Radical’?

I think everyone is a little tired of being boxed into one of the isms’...capitalism, socialism, libertarianism, communism….whatever the idea is people from come from one box to shout it down to the other, this does not progress things, in fact we are now seeing alarming regression.

It’s all about how we as humans choose to organise ourselves to maximise individual freedoms while at the same time looking after the community as a whole and its nice to know that there are people on working a new and original paradigm.

The term Liberal Radical seems to have first been published in a paper here by Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig and E.Glen Weyl. The multi-disciplined paper sets out a decision making methodology which seeks to overcome the tyranny of the majority by allowing '... for the funding of public goods valued in small communities, thus is not systematically biased against minority interests…’.

The main thesis is that the current tensions we have between the principles of capitalism and the social State can be overcome. The paper proposes three key objectives of a society :

1. maximising the freedom of individuals to pursue their dreams;

2. providing a level playing field for all individuals in the society; and 3. fostering of community by, inter alia, protecting minority rights (government by the people for the people etc.).

It is well argued that all can be achieved by adopting the Liberal Radical decision making methodology and importantly...and this is the main point of the entire paper...these objectives can be achieved without compromising each other.

This type of decision making may well become a method used in public blockchain governance.

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