Human Rights, Freedom and Liberty in the era of Blockchain Technology

I feel that we are only now just starting to understand the significant impact the evolution of the internet has had on our privacy and by association our freedom. Also consider how it can be used by State actors to extend their soft power, refer to the UK Parliamentary report into disinformation and fake news.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have called for input to their Human Rights and Technology Project. My submission, attached here highlights 5 areas relating to Blockchain Technology they are :

1. code as free speech and the need to protect code from censorship;

2. the importance of Cash to a free society and the opportunity we have with cryptocurrency to once again enjoy the freedoms that come with Cash transactions;

3. the need to protect existing warrant laws designed to prohibit the State from entering private property without a properly exercised warrant and how those laws apply in cyberspace;

4. the important difference between public and private blockchain and the proposition that all Government services should be delivered on a public blockchain, if not why not; and

5. the notion that privacy protecting technology is a defensive strategy to maintain the human right to privacy and the need to allow these technologies to take hold in the blockchain technology era.

'Blockchain Technology will be 10 times more impactful than the internet and the actions taken now will determining the quality of freedom and liberty that will be enjoyed by the grandchildren of today, it will not be possible to re-engineer freedoms lost if this opportunity to take back our privacy and restore Cash transactions is lost' Ian Love March 2019

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