Ban on Cash in Australia

On 31 July 2019 I submitted to the Australian Treasury Department feedback on the proposed legislation banning Cash transactions of over AUD 10,000.

My submission considers three aspects of the restrictions on Cash use in Australian society.

1. Human Rights and the importance of Cash to freedom and liberty.

2. The exemption for ‘Digital Currency’ and Australia’s position in the world relative to the development of peer-to-peer transactional technology for asset registration.

3. The juxtaposition of the privacy of individuals and the surveillance State and surveillance capitalism.

This is a very important issue for Australia from both an economic and societal point of view. Note also that other Governments will be considering similar approaches to cash, all in the name of national security. Like the people in Hong Kong are doing now, we do need to fight for our freedom all the time, otherwise it will slowly be whittled away. My submission can be found here.

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