My 5 favourite explainers/updates  


Interview with Vitalik Buterin

In this 2016 interview Vitalik explains his motivation for initiating the Ethereum project, how it is different from the bitcoin blockchain and where he sees the future of the project.

It's normally hard to take a 22 year old wearing a cat tee-shirt seriously (you will know what I mean when you watch the video), but by the end of this interview you will be left with a very good understanding of the passion and intelligence driving this young technologist/entrepreneur and why Ethereum is a very important organisation to follow.    

Watch Here (its 10 mins)


Regulating the Digital Economy

In February 2017, the International Organization of Securities Commissions released their report on Financial Technologies. This excellent report provides a snapshot of the Fintech sector together with an explanation of blockchain technology and insight on how regulators may approach the technology. 

It is very pleasing to see that regulators are being careful to not stifle blockchain innovations and developments while at the same time being aware of the need to protect investors and consumers. This is a difficult balancing act that will no doubt play out in different ways at the national level.  

Read the Report Here


How Blockchain Technology could change our lives

This headline is on the front page of a February 2017 report issued by the European Parliament Research Center.

All parliamentary bodies at the moment are getting to grips with the potential of blockchain. Typically governments don’t trust what they can’t control. There has been and will continue to be is a fair bit of ‘blowing hot and cold’ on this technology but this report, at least, is blowing hot.

The private sector will also blow hot and cold.  The big banks can see the benefits of cutting costs in the back office, whereas I suspect they are not so excited about potential encroachment on their clients and service by Fintech start-ups...although there are many cases of collaboration in the start-up sector…

Read the EU Report Here      


Bitcoin Core v Bitcoin Unlimited - Blocksize Debate, 28 February 2017

This topic is a bit outside my technical comfort level, but I know sufficient to understand that the outcome of the dispute will have a significant impact on Bitcoin, one way or the other.

The two hour video is interesting on two levels. Firstly, the technical debate helps develop and understanding of the underlying social, economic and political aspects of Bitcoin.  Secondly, I find it fascinating to listen to what could be history in the making...essentially these individuals and their respective communities are in a heated debate about the future and the continued existence (or not!) of the world’s first global crypto-currency.

On current mining rates it is expected that the last Bitcoin will be mined in around 123 years from now, in other words, we are not even 10% into the mining phase of Bitcoin.  Who know’s how it will all shake out, this current debate is no doubt one of many many to come, or it could be the end of Bitcoin...     

Watch the Video Here (its over 2 hours so get comfortable!)


Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

In March 2017, Ethereum received a boost by the announcement of the formation of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

'The Alliance connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. Together, we will learn from and build upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain currently running in real-world production – Ethereum – to define enterprise-grade software capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at the speed of business.'

The impressive list of launch members is set out below.

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